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What types of hotels are there in Japan?

In Japan, there are various types of hotels. For example: Western-style hotel; Ryokan (traditional Japanese style inn); a little homey-type of inn; pension-priced inn and Shukubo (temple lodging). “Japanese style inn” has been passed the tradition down from generation to generation since there was “Hatago inn” or “Toji inn (Hot-spring cure inn)” in Edo period.

Ryokan distinctiveness

Because the Ryokan is a Japanese construction, it’s not the same as a hotel. For instance, you can’t go in with your shoes. Also, the bathroom and restroom aren’t situated in the same space. “Japanese style inn” is traditionally accepted a square room being modelled on Mandala, that is the useful or useless world. It’s an eminently “emotional space” that you can enjoy the hanging scroll and some flower arrangements or view the natural garden from the veranda, and also sit down on the centre of the restful room, have Japanese tea and the light meals as you feel the season.

Staying in the Ryokan

Take off your shoes at the entrance of the hotel or room and stay with the slippers or tabi (Japanese style slippers) in the Ryokan.
Wear the yukata during your stay.
Relax in the bath.

Check in

When you arrive at the Ryokan, you need to check in at the reception desk - which is called ‘front’ or choba. Generally, you need to write your name and address in a visitor’s book. After the check-in, a female assistant (Nakai-san in Japanese) takes you to your room, carries your luggage and gives you your room key. Nakai-san also explains how to pay, where the yukata is kept and how to evacuate (in case of an emergency). Also, she tells you the time and place of your dinner/breakfast. If you need to ask her about anything else, you should do it at this time. After she has left, you can wear the yukata and relax with some Japanese tea and biscuits


Generally, you can reserve a night including two meals (dinner and breakfast). There are two places for the meals. One is called Oheyadashi, which means Nakai-san takes your dinner or breakfast to your room for you to enjoy there. The other option is that you can eat at a restaurant situated in the Ryokan.
In Japan, some Ryokan are located deep in the mountains, some are located close to the sea. Therefore, you can enjoy meals associated with the setting and season.

Check out

You usually check-out in the same place you checked-in. You have to pay the charges (including the room rate and meals) with Japanese yen or your credit card. The credit card you can use caries from each Ryokan. The major credit cards in Japan are JCB, VISA, Mastercard, China UnionPay, Diners, Amerecan Express and so on. Please confirm at a reception desk whether you can use your credit card or not.