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How to experience a hot spring

If you get tired after your long journey, have a rest before taking a bath.
Take some water if you get dehydrated easily.

1. Use some hot water on your body.

Accustom yourself to the temperature of the hot spring. It is preferable to apply a little hot water beforehand on your waist down to your legs first. After that, your shoulders to fingertips and then your chest and back. It’s better to do your head last, so as to prevent cerebral anaemia. Also, it is necessary to wash your body before enjoying yourself in the hot spring.

2. Wash your body

It’s easier to wash off your old horny layer and the dirt out of your pores in warm water. Wash it all off with plenty of soap bubbles. Be gentle - don’t scrub too hard!

3. Half bathe at first

Don’t soak shoulder-deep at first. Instead, soak navel-deep for getting used to the temperature of the hot spring.

4. Bathing time

When you bathe, you’ll be slightly sweaty on your forehead and/or nose. That’s a good sign for you to come out of the bath. Don’t bathe so long that you sweat all over, or if your heart throbs heavily.

5. Don’t take a shower straight after having a hot spring

If you take a shower straight after the hot spring, you will loss the medicinal properties you have received from it. Instead, you should gently dry yourself with a bath towel after experiencing the hot spring.

6. Hydration

Your body water will be low after bathing because of sweating, therefore you need to have some water or sports drink.

7. Take a rest after a hot spring

Your energy is consumed during bathing. In addition, your blood pressure is easily changed. Therefore please make sure to rest enough. To ensure you won’t catch a cold, completely dry your hair and body.