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Terms and Conditions

“Yado net” is internet’s accommodation reservation service managed by ALL JAPAN RYOKAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION. Please read the following Terms of use and agree before using the service.

method for using

Please enter personal information correctly when you fill in a reservation and inquiry form on our website. Name, E-mail address, Phone Number, etc. is needed for contact with accommodations or “Yado net”, so please enter personal information correctly.

Application acceptance and approval of reservation, end of debt

  1. Application acceptance for accommodation will be completed at the time that reservation number is expressed on the application complete screen. At the time, the part of “Yado net” will be finished. Moreover, We may cancel your reservation if we can not contact you because your contact information is not available.
  2. If you make a reservation by a means of communication (such as by phone or mail or fax), the contract will be approved according to the accommodation contract at the time of you contact an accommodation.

Cancellation and Amendment Policy

If you want to cancel a reservation on the reservation website, please let us know by a day before your arrival date. If you want to cancel or change a reservation just before your stay, please contact your accommodation directly because “Yado net” service’s being not able to correspond. You can change the reservation on this website by the closing day of each accommodation.

Cancellation and Amendment Charge Policy

Cancel charge of partial schedule shortening and all cancellation of a reservation is obeying the rules of each accommodation.

Methods of Payment

  1. Please pay the hotel charge directly by "Cash" or "Credit card" in accommodations. Handling for the credit card is different in each accommodations and each plan. Please check the details of each accommodation page, information from the accommodation, and the plan.
    There are some accommodation which need reservation charge. In that case, please follow accommodation’s instructions.
  2. In accommodation where the method of payment is provided besides the above, it has priority.
  3. Please beware when you make a booking, because in some cases, tax and service charge are not included in the hotel charge.

Future Changes in Policy

This rule might revise by law amendment, guidance of the competent authorities, and other need.


Please note that it might be changeable about information published in "Yado net" though we tries to review it at any time. Moreover, we does not assure linked information content and business outline of the published company, so we take no responsibility if you have damaged by using this page.