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Description of organization

What are accommodations of Zenryoren?

The hotel business is related to the life hygiene that there is an extremely deep relation in National Day eternal life from the viewpoint of public health.
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that provides by the law to aim aiming at the maintenance improvement of the hygiene level of business through making of the improvement improvement and the management of sanitary facilities and healthy promotion, etc. , the contributions to the improvement and the improvement of public health, and the steady contribution of the national life is one of the jurisdiction [suru] environmental health industries.
Especially, it can be said that the inn and the hotel where it joins "All [tabiren]" that is researched concerning making of the maintenance of sanitary facilities to the union member, the improvement improvement, and management healthy and guided do safe, safe business because the standard of the hygiene measures is independently observed, and it attempts the improvement improvement of sanitary facilities after it is authorized by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
The inn and the hotel where consideration is high are registered in official HP "Hotel net" of all [tabiren] for this safe, safe business. Moreover, the hotel net is also possible the retrieval of the inn and the hotel where it joins all [tabiren].

When the above-mentioned is written crunching, it is a perhaps sentence like ↓

Zenryoren have received permission from the Ministry of Health, according to law under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, the passengers spend at Clean and safe hotel, ryokan, research sound management and disseminate the Japanese yado-culture, teaching about how the hotel and ryokan can satisfy customers from Japan and abroad.

Accommodations which joins Zenryoren taking advanced guidance about how to make relief and safe hotels by the Ministry of Health through Zenryoren, and keeping hygiene standard which is provided by law, and satisfying their guests.
Please choose the hotel which is registered with the official homepage ”Yado net” if you are looking for relief and safe hotels.